Are You Ready To Join The Pull Up A Seat Family as A host?

PULL UP A SEAT is a fast growing startup that is improving lives by giving people more time to spend with their families! Our PULL UP A SEAT members order home cooked meals via the PULL UP A SEAT app and can have them ready on-demand as soon as 15 minutes later.

What is a PULL UP A SEAT Host?
The host of PULL UP A SEAT are carefully selected member's cooking home cooked meals using the PULL UP A SEAT app. Our hosts enjoy an interactive and fun culture all while being able to control their own schedule and income! We consider hosts to be individuals, food trucks, commercial kitchens, and non-store front food businesses.

What are the requirements?
18 years old minimum
• Reliable transportation
• A current driver's license
• Ability to lift 25+ pounds
• Familiarity with using a smartphone

To become a host for PULL UP A SEAT, you will go through a three part process.  There is an initial $25 fee to become a host that includes membership, starter package, and the processing of your application. Once you've become a verified host for PULL UP A SEAT you will be able to post listings whenever you want, wherever you want, and for however much you want! You only have to apply to become a host ONCE and you will be able to be a host for the lifetime of PULL UP A SEAT!

  1. Initial Application: First, you will fill out an application that consists of a form that asks of an overview of who you are and your basic information.  In order to become a host for PULL UP A SEAT, you must purchase a starter package order that consists of all materials that you will need to handle, store, and package any food sold on our private community marketplace.  All parts of the application must be completed and submitted in FULL within 24 hours. Are you interested in learning more about starter packages? Click here.
  2. Verification Process: Second, if your application is accepted, you will be contacted to set up an in-person meeting to go through our verification process where we do an on-site in-person interview with you at your home. The verification process is one of the most important steps in our process, and we encourage interested candidates to please be mindful of your schedule when applying to become a host for PULL UP A SEAT, so that we are able to get you verified as quickly as possible! Are you interested in learning more about the verification process? Click here.
  3. Confirmation Process: Third,  once you've passed our verification process you will finally be able to be confirmed as a verified host on the app! We encourage all hosts to purchase their starter order packages at the beginning of the application process, so that as soon as you are verified you will have all necessary material to be able to sell your home cooking via the app.  We want to forewarn you upfront that you will be signing some documents as you become an official host of PULL UP A SEAT to ensure your safety and ours as you become apart of our amazing community!
  4. Congratulations! You're finally a host for PULL UP A SEAT!

STEP ONE: Basic Information 

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What days will you generally be able to post listings?


Membership + Easy Starter Package

In order to become a host for PULL UP A SEAT we require you to purchase a one-time membership fee to be apart of the marketplace. Your membership includes the ability to operate on the marketplace for the lifetime of PULL UP A SEAT,  protection under the PULL UP A SEAT brand, and one of our easy starter package kits. Our kits provides a 'starter package' that provides host with (10) containers, (1) PULL UP A SEAT Guide, (10) PULL UP A SEAT Labels, (1) and saran wrap all in one. We encourage all host to invest in our starter package in order to be in compliance with the rules of our private community marketplace. We also include the fee for your processing through our verification process included in this fee.

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Please send the following information to the following address within 24 hours of filling out this application. 

  1.  Send your most recent resume or a document of your previous culinary experiences.
  2.  Please upload a copy of your drivers license or state ID
  3.  Please explain in two sentences your passion for cooking.
  4.  Please upload a current picture of yourself.
  5.  Please upload a current picture of your home.
  6.  Please upload a current picture of your kitchen.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a host for PULL UP A SEAT. After all materials have been confirmed and verified, you will be notified via e-mail of the next following steps. We wish you best of luck!