Who Are We?

All around you there's always someone cooking, and the options are endless when you open the door to someone's kitchen. Who knows what you could find? Maybe a fellow gluten free cook, or another paleo diet enthusiast, or maybe the best soul food cook in town. All these options could be around you, as close to you as next door, and all it takes is a food app like, Pull-Up-A-Seat, to open that door for you.  Pull-Up-A-Seat is a food app that allows you to find anyone cooking around you and simply 'pull up a seat'. 



"The AirBNB or Uber of Food For Orlando!"

Pull-Up-A-Seat allows you to find all those cooking around you, and simply 'pull up a seat'. Via take-out, delivery, or 'social dining in'; you, the customer/cook are now in control of what food you want, when you want it, and how you experience or share it! Think of us as the AirBNB/Uber of food. We allow passionate cooking individuals, chefs, and startups to post listings on the app of their delicious offerings for free and keep full profit. It's just up to you to pull up a seat of your own! 

The Food Delivery and Take-out has become a $71 Billion Market!

As of 2015, food delivery/takeout has become a $71 billion dollar market. However, Only 13% ($9 billion) of food ordering is done online. Pull-Up-A-Seat plans to brings not only a whole new aspect to the food app business, but also a whole new audience to start ordering food online. Since, small businesses and individuals can now join in through us; we're able to cut down on prices and expand the availability for food. Projections for ordering food online are steady on the rise, and plan to take over offline ordering by 2022, and we plan to be the ones that are leading the pack! 

Who Is This App For?

This app is for everybody, and we hope to be an added asset in all those who participate in our private community marketplaces lives. Just to give you an idea of the type of people we feel would benefit most from our app-here's a few listed below:

  • The young professional who gets off work very late. There's not many food options around her late at night and would love more options.
  • The college student who would love cheaper food options after a night out or misses their home cooked meals.
  • The older man or woman who love company at dinner and would love to start making dinner for two, instead of just one.
  • The tourist who wants to enjoy authentic food from the city they are visiting.
  • The person who would love more gluten-free(or whatever food trend that they are into) than the limited options that are in the city.
  • The young mother who always overcooks who would love to make money off of leftovers that usually go to waste.
  • And More!

We have recently launched Pull-Up-A-Seat on the Apple App Store! 

We appreciate all the support we have received so far about the app, and we are so excited to announce that we are now able to release the Beta version of the app to the public! If you are interested in joining our private community marketplace, we encourage you to download the app now by clicking the link below!

Join us this summer at our Pull-Up-A-Seat: Summer Dinner Series! We are hosting four events throughout the month of July and August that allow you to meet the creators of Pull-Up-A-Seat and dine with local chefs over a themed meal! 

In order to have a valid listing in our private community marketplace, we require that all users who post listings to place their food in a standard container and labeling package. We have made things much easier for you, and now you can get a "Starter Package" that provides you with everything you need to get you started in the marketplace for $9.99!