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So, How Does All Of  This Work?

Pull Up A Seat is an easy app to use for both the foodie(customer) and hosts(cooks). Check out a few our diagrams below to see how we have made the process of on-demand home cooking easier and more efficient for you! 

Conserve water.png

How Does This Work For A Host?

This chart allows you to see how PULL UP A SEAT can be used if you choose to be a host (someone that cooks on the app). You have the ability to offer social dining-in or takeout right from your home at any time you want! Read through to learn more!

How Does This Work For A Foodie?

A foodie is a customer. A foodie can use the mobile app to find available listings around them in their city right from the home screen! You can browse through several categories to find listings posted by verified hosts in your city selling right around you. You have the ability to join the hosts right in their home or take the food home with you! Check out our infographic to learn more!


What is the Verification Process Like?

As a private community marketplace we are always keeping the hosts and customers safety at the forefront. We want everyone to have an awesome experience, but we also want to take proactive measures beforehand to ensure that we are doing so.  Check out how our verification process works below:

What's The Verification Process Like?

We want to share with you the process to becoming a host for PULL UP A SEAT. This chart allows you to see the inner workings of the steps involved into becoming a host for PULL UP A SEAT.

If you still have any more questions, please feel free to check out our FAQ section by clicking here. If you are interested in signing up to become a host yourself, please feel free to sign up by clicking the link below.