A new app will make the awkward task of inviting yourself over for dinner at a neighbor’s home a thing of the past.

Pull-Up-a-Seat” lets people find homecooked meals posted by hosts at local homes and businesses. 

“It’s just a great way of bring people together through food and the dinner table,” said Camille Baker, the app’s founder.

People are used to the sharing community - opening up their cars with apps like Uber or Lyft or their homes with apps like Airbnb.

They’re also on the go more and don’t have as much time to make a homecooked meal, Baker said. This app connects them to affordable fare.

“Orlando people love to cook,” she said. “They also love social dining.”

While the app touts social meals, takeout options are available as well.

Pull-Up-a-Seat also gives would-be chefs an outlet - and a way to make money.

“Now they have a place where they can be put in the faces of people,” she said.

Cooks ("hosts") and foodies can sign up on the app itself.

Hosts are interviewed and their homes are visited by app employees before allowing them to post meal listings.

Baker hopes the app will go international one day to help bring people to authentic food and new experiences.

“I feel like this is something that everyone around the world can benefit from,” Baker said.

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