We want to thank you so much for expressing your interest into joining our Street Team here at Pull-Up-A-Seat. For those who may not know anything about us we would like to say Hello! Pull-Up-A-Seat allows you to find all those cooking around you, and simply 'pull up a seat'. Via take-out, delivery, or 'social dining in'; you, the customer/cook are now in control of what food you want, when you want it, and how you experience or share it! Think of us as the AirBNB/Uber of food. We allow passionate cooking individuals, chefs, and startups to post listings on the app of their delicious offerings for free and keep full profit. It's just up to you to pull up a seat of your own!

We're so excited to finally be on the app store and we've jumped through so many hoops to make this possible! As we said anybody can post a listing on the app (after minimal vetting), but over the past few months, we've been building a database of cooks in the Orlando area who would be perfect for the app. We're currently getting everyone set up, but we hope that Orlando will support us and download the app!

You can learn more about us by visiting our website www.pullupaseatapp.com or you can download the app for yourself by following the link here:

We hope to hear from you soon! You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @PullUpASeatApp


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